Why Pick US ?
Good question!
What do you look for in an amusement ride supplier?

We would ask you how you look at your supplier; do you see them as a necessary evil, all being generally the same.

Are they just another vendor who could come or go just as long as you get your share of the money or are they an integral part of your event which will have long term positive impacts on you and your community.
Ask yourself:
Do we care only about this event or do we care about the next 10 years and beyond? If your answer is the former you could use just about anyone to supply rides for you and you could look for the one who simply gives you the highest percentage. This would give you a good short term return; however, your long term profits would probably be severely curtailed, not to mention your reputation in the community. Is one worth the other?

On the other hand, if your answer is the latter your focus will be quality first. With this in mind, you will search for a supplier whose rides you would want to put your children on and one the community would embrace. People would come to your event knowing they are safe and can have a great time.

You may not get those high percentages you could elsewhere in the short run but your long term profits would rise considerably. Through sheer volume you would see increases not only in ride money but also in food sales and games. The overall profits of your event would go up. Your organization esteem in the community would also rise resulting in more volunteerism and high recognition.
AMUSEMENT you've seen it everywhere. A ride company comes in and has one or two real nice rides (maybe new) that they love to show you. What about the rest? How do they look? We are very proud of how all ours look and invite anyone to come and see us anytime. We have an extensive rebuilding program where each one of our rides goes through our maintenance facility each winter. Three or four rides get complete overhauls, three or four get major cosmetic jobs and the rest get routine maintenance safety checks and minor cosmetics. We are intimately familiar with all of our equipment.

EMPLOYEES we have, without a doubt, the cleanest, best dressed, well mannered, and safest employees in the industry. Our grooming standards are very strict. Our employees wear a uniform no other portable company has. Our shirts are burgundy poloshirts, tan pants and all employees wear identification badges. They are also trained in etiquette and of course safety.

SUPPORT generators are, without a doubt, the most important piece of equipment on any Midway but are often overlooked. We have back up generators in case of power failures. We can be back up and running in two minutes or less should one go down. We also carry light towers to illuminate the Midway. Our fleet of trucks is one of our pride and joys.

Our MANAGEMENT style is a little different than some. We spend a lot of time on the midway overseeing many details. We don't go play golf or go to the movies while the event is running, leaving someone no one knows in charge. We also like to keep informed and communicate with our sponsors often.

One thing needs to be made clear at this point. We don't wine and dine or do anything unethical for our clients just to keep an event. We are professionals and want to be judged by the quality of our work. Each of us in our family has a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ. We operate our company according to Judeo-Christian values. If you are uncomfortable with this we understand, and if you want to look for another show we would be happy to give you names of other reputable shows.

Our basic philosophy is this: to glorify God above all by trying to be a good example of Christ in us.

All this said we would like anyone interested in possibly booking us to come see us at any one of our events.


Majestic Midways specializes in this category. There are several areas where we feel confident we have the highest quality show around. Those areas are: